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Bagged Mulch Sales are a Great Way to Raise Money!

Mulch has proven itself to be a great way to raise money because it has become so popular for homes and businesses.  You’re selling a quality product that allows you to earn a much greater gross profit for your non-profit group.

When Should Your Mulch Sale Begin?

Pre-selling should start as early as January.  By pre-selling you have an effective way of projecting the profits for your organization.  We recommend you choose one weekend from mid-March thru mid-May for your product distribution. 


Your organization will be able to profit as much as $2.00 per bag, depending on your services, offering a delivery service can greatly increase your sales.  Some organizations have shown a profit in excess of $35,000.00 per year.


To make sure that your sale will continue year after year it is very important that you keep records of all customers & sales to those customers.  Please make sure you have someone store your data so it can be used for future reference. 


It is absolutely imperative that all players or members of the organization have a clear goal of how many bags they are to sell-set by the leaders.  It’s the age old story if you fail to plan you are planning to fail. 

Buckeye Fundraising Sample Order Form

Excel Icon Click here to download an Excel Fundraising Order Form


Typically most fundraising events sell no more than three products-The three best items are Black Sable Hardwood (all natural), Ultra Black (Dyed Hardwood), and Lumberjack Cypress mulch. To simplify the program for everyone, keep the same retail price for all products. 


Your organization will need to obtain a space large enough to store the mulch and accommodate a tractor trailer for delivery.  It must also have enough space for customer pick-up and loading for your deliveries.  We need a five to seven day delivery window.

A Tractor Trailer Load

All mulch products can be combined on the same truck for shipment. Please note that we can ship multiple truckloads to your organization.  2cf bags are 52 to 60 per pallet.  3cf bags are 42-50 per pallet.  A truckload consists of 18-20 pallets. 

How may we be of service? Please call us at 1-937-462-8346.